Unpretentious flower arrangements

A break from the paper goods!

(Eat Drink Chic's trial run for her engagement party, can't wait to see the final product)

(teapot flower arrangement how-to from design*sponge)

The next two are also from design*sponge:

(coffee canister with lily grass loop)

(cocktail shaker with craspedia)

(how clever, right? I always get frustrated with getting the stems to stay where I want them to already)

Sarah of Blossom and Branch's basic principles for flowers:
  • Clean all leaves, stems or thorns that will sit below the water-line in whatever container you use.
  • Use sharp tools and clean, cool water.
  • Give flowers a fresh, angled cut and change the water every other day.
  • Try adding a dash of lemon-lime soda (like 7up or Sprite) to the water – the sugar perks up the blooms!
  • Try adding a few (just a few) drops of bleach to the water – it will keep the stem-rotting bacteria at bay.
  • For tough or woody stems, use warm water and try snapping the stem with your hands instead of cutting. The splintered stems increase surface area for the water to travel up to the bloom.
  • When in doubt, cut the stems short, so that the heads of the flower rise just above the neck of the vase. This pavĂ© style is very European and chic.


Angie said...

The shaker is mad clever!

Mrs T said...

Ditto Angie

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

these shots are just lovely!

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