Circles and pies

I don't think I've written about my idea for a pi/pie theme, have I? So what with the whole wedding pie thing, I had an idea that we should have something super cheesy on our invites about how it's a pie theme because our love is as neverending as the digits of pi, which would also reinforce a circle theme in the decorations. Get it?? Dan shot this down but I'm still pleased with myself for the awfulness of the pun. Regardless, some circle and pie ideas I've collected recently:

(cobbler baked in jars from not martha)

(felt circle bunting from Grumperina)

(circular object coasters, including a pie, from 1canoe2 via design*sponge)

Something likely to be stained and throw out like coasters probably not worth allocating budget for, but I like the circles on circles.

(parasol or paper fans as favors in the hot weather, images from Weddingbee)

The parasols are probably too much but the fans are kind of perfect because if I've got a signature accessory in the summer, it's a trusty paper fan. Extremely useful and always causes a minor sensation when I pull it out.


Angie said...

Felt circle bunting??? Kwu, what are you doing to me?! You're totally speaking my wedding language!

Our Save the Dates, invites and website have a little circle thing going on... I may have to borrow this idea.

Blog soulmates, girl! If our blogs have hands, they'd have a secrete handshake.

p.s. Love the cobbler in a jar. Totally digging the Pi reference.

Miss C said...

There is nothing better than a good pun. There are not enough puns in weddings.

Lisa said...

anything sweet in a jar slays me. i love the pie coaster too

KWu said...

@Miss C, dare I say, there are not enough puns in life? :)

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