Eat Drink Chic's surprise wedding

Amy of Eat Drink Chic left blogland for a bit to throw an engagement party...which turned out to be a surprise wedding instead!!

You should clickthrough to check out the full set of images, I quite enjoy the styling:
I chose 'simple', 'rustic', 'recycled', 'vintage' and 'casual' as the key themes of our wedding 'picnic'. Wanting to capture a fresh, spring feel I set bright warm reds, oranges, pinks and yellows ablaze against a rustic landscape of wooden furniture, vintage crates, wine barrels, an odd assortment of collected jars and and bottles and bamboo plates and cutlery. Guests were advised a dress code of 'smart casual' to maintain the relaxed and understated tone of the event.
My favorite bits are probably the flower and food displays:

(for real both pretty and casual and not indie-unattainable)


Anonymous said...

I am madly in love with just about every single aspect of this surprise wedding! I even folded a note styled after their invitations the other day ( and am seriously considering making more little folded heart-notes to ask folks to be my non-bridesmaids!

So lovely!

Angie said...

Beautiful!!! Surprise weddings are my favorite. Josh and I heavily considered doing a guerilla wedding at a Smithsonian Museum in DC, but we chickened out.

And I LOVE the hanging flower arrangements!!!!

But um... where's the bunting? jk.

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