She had me at 'lollipop bouquet'

I'm glad I stay subscribed to The Storque, even if I skip over many of the posts because I want to resist the urge to acquire stuff. Mostly I enjoy their News in the Craft + Style Blogosphere roundup, but today, they had this awesome, awesome 'Candy and Cowboys' wedding:

(freaking lollipop bouquet!)

Wise words to keep in mind for reducing waste:
Whenever I found something to buy or make for the wedding, I asked myself, “Where will this end up after the reception?” Sticking to that thought process with every decision saved SO much money. It gave me a benchmark NOT to buy into extras like a dance floor decal or go overboard with decorations. We gave a second life to nearly all of the elements of our day, down to the retro tissue paper balls that decorated a second reception back in Indiana and entertained gobs of toddlers.

In case you're not wrapped in the crafty/wedding blog world, bunting = the strands of triangles of fabric in the top of this photo. I almost certainly will have some, even though it's a slight 'indie' wedding blog cliche, because I've got so many scraps of fun fabric prints around and it'll be a quick project with my spring-loaded pinking shears and sewing machine. I might make some as decoration for the new apartment and then take them down for the wedding and put them back up afterwards, haha.

(vintage-inspired handkerchiefs to reserve seats for family)

(bow ring--I think I want something more minimalistic but I admire this choice anyway)

(custom illustration from franceslovesyou, I would love this as a first anniversary gift for paper)

And my favorite part by far...wait for it...

(get it???)

Although I do call Dan my bear as an inside joke and also because I like to make fun of him (one of my more appreciated ways of showing love, I'm sure) and as my friend Diana once said, 'but Dan is so not bear-like'--exactly--I think in this case my joy is really largely due to the pun. Punny indeed.


Angie said...

Little scared of the Ring Bear in a Donnie Darko kind of way, but what an awesome thing to see at someone's wedding! And lollipop bouquet?! UH-MAY-ZING! I don't think we're doing any bouquets, but this would be a winner in my book.

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