Circle of love

I quite like this circular setup of chairs for the ceremony:

(Dave Robbins Photography, via SMP)

I think it would help decrease the 'this is a show for your teary entertainment' feeling and ramp up the sense of 'we want to be surrounded and supported by our loved ones' instead. I've written previously about my hesitation for the whole big reveal and walking down an aisle thing, but it's a little hard to picture the logistics of ending up at the center without an aisle. I can't quite tell how they did it here--did they have to walk all the way around in a spiral? That would go in the parade territory that we want to be avoiding here.

Ooo, maybe two semi-circles of chairs with an aisle going through the entire thing, and each of us walking towards the center and meeting in the middle?


Angie said...

Love it! We're doing a circular ceremony, but our guests are standing. You bring up a good point... how did they get in there? I hope they aren't trapped!

We haven't exactly figured out how we're going to do the ceremony, but we've agreed there will be no big reveal and no long procession. We'd like to join our guests for drinks when they arrive before the ceremony. I think our celebrant will round everyone up and we'll walk to an open space in the park and start the ceremony. Our main question is... what to do with the bridal party???

Mrs T said...

If it would have worked in our venue - I would have totally been up for this. Everyone has a good view, you feel surrounded by love. AWESOME!

Liz said...

it looks like they carved a little path there in the right- but i like your idea.

Mrs T said...

Will try to take Chihuahua glasses photo this weekend, stay tuned!

Dognbird said...

I'm feeling this!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am on board with this in every single way. No aisle, semi-circle of chairs. It's not a damn theater production.

It looks like they may have entered through one of the gaps in the chairs to the righthand side. I like the idea of just having a space in the chairs to move through -- since it's so short, it can't even be classified as an aisle.

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