Best officiant ever

This just in, from my friend Andrew:

It's from this article on robots conducting weddings in Tokyo:
TOKYO (AP) - Almost everyone stood when the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown, but not the wedding conductor, because she was bolted to her chair.

The nuptials at this ceremony were led by "I-Fairy," a 4-foot (1.5-meter) tall seated robot with flashing eyes and plastic pigtails. Sunday's wedding was the first time a marriage had been led by a robot, according to manufacturer Kokoro Co.

"Please lift the bride's veil," the robot said in a tinny voice, waving its arms in the air as the newlyweds kissed in front of about 50 guests.


"It would be nice if the robot was a bit more clever, but she is very good at expressing herself," said new husband Tomohiro Shibata, 42, a professor of robotics at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in central Japan.

The I-Fairy sells for about 6.3 million yen ($68,000) and three are in use in Singapore, the U.S. and Japan, according to company spokeswoman Kayako Kido. It has 18 degrees of motion in its arms, and mainly repeats preprogrammed movements and sounds.
Angie, I thought I'd play your 'if I had $100,000 that I could only spend on the wedding' game with something like a destination wedding week-long retreat with everyone's flights and hotels paid for plus a wedding planner to take care of all the boring details...but no. I'd get a $68,0000 robot officiant instead.


Angie said...

Totally! If you did a brideshare, I'd definitely have to snag that robot from you!

Angie said...

Josh and I were hoping I-Fairy would shoot lasers or transform into a wedding limo. Still awesome, but a transformer would have been so sick!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, that is awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME.

Lisa said...


Mrs T said...

Ok, now I've seen it all. For real.

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