More flora, both natural and crafted

So, it seems like laboratory glassware should definitely be an item on the 'to thrift' list. Maybe I'll be so lucky as to stumble upon a science class cleaning out their unused glassware sets? In college I was always astounded by the lab fee they demanded each semester for chemistry labs...and then sophomore year I broke a mercury thermometer and various flasks on different occasions. So, ok, fair enough.

We're not having set tables and I think I may leave the food station decorations mostly up to the caterer, but I love citrus and this garland looks doable for sure. I really like the idea of fruit decorations.

These sewn organdy flowers look so soft.

(instructions at Sew Mama Sew, via The Cupcake Goddess)

And finally, some more paper flowers, or to be more specific, giant paper poppies.


Angie said...

Loving the beaker look- so "apothecary chic."

Haha! Oh, gosh I can only imagine the flack I'd get for that term.

Miss C said...

Those sewn organdy flowers are so cute... if only I could sew.

KWu said...

@Angie Ha! 'Apothecary chic' is the perfect descriptive phrase.

@Miss C, Is sewing something that you want to learn? If so, it probably wouldn't be as hard you as think to learn. If not, whatevs.

Mrs T said...

Buying old science glasswear would scare me. What if they had crazy poison stuff in them?

I too broke many things in Science - clumsy.

KWu said...

@Mrs T yeah that's not a bad point, but maybe it's ok if it's just flowers in there...? I will have to do more research. We shall see.

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