Non-bunting hanging decorations

When I opened up my Google Reader to see this post from Creature Comforts about these vellum paper mobiles, there was for real a gasp. Color! Light! Modern shape! Looks easy to assemble! What more could you want from a non fabric bunting hanging decoration, really.

(instructions at Project Wedding)

Fun fact: in the summer of 2007 I was doing an internship, supported by my scholarship program at school, and I somehow convinced them to let me take a bunch of art/craft classes as part of the experience. One of these was a mobile-making class ('Kinetic Sculpture') that I really loved. Such a sense of satisfaction when you get the balance just right. 

I was dedicated enough not only to consistently attend the Saturday morning class, but went even when said Saturday was the morning after Harry Potter #7 came out and I'd stayed up all night reading it, of course. The Harvard Square HP party was awesome, they had a concert in Harvard Yard with various HP bands playing. We kept getting random schwag and I put a temporary tattoo of a lightning bolt on my forehead, to match the black capes my friends and I made from thrift store sheets. I'm sad that we didn't take any photos.

Enough reminiscing about my exceptionally wild youth. It took me a minute to realize the cuteness of these mini clothes hanger paper clip photo hangers, but now they're hard to forget.

(from Photojojo for $10/pack of 7, via Brooklyn Bride)


Angie said...

Those are beautiful!!!! And I'm sad too that you didn't take any pics of your wild HP night! HP parties are the best.

So awesome that you got to work on making a kinetic sculpture! (Makes me sad we didn't check out the race this past weekend here in Baltimore.)

Miss C said...

I loooove the colour. I wonder whether I could do that...

Thank you!

Mrs T said...

Sorry I haven't been around lately.

Mobile making class sounds awesome!

P.s. I took a photo of my dog Lulu wearing love heart glasses just for you over on my blog!

P.p.s. When is your wedding?

Liz said...

i'm not really a "rustic" kinda girl, so the bunting has never been my thing. this, though, is gorgeous.

Jen said...

those are awesome and make me feel happy!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!

(Also, new to your blog and LOVING your background)

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