60s-style STDs

Am I intentionally trying to see what interesting queries my Google Analytics will show me after I've got a post with this title? Perhaps. Calling save-the-dates STDs, as Liz has, tickles the juvenile part of my sense of humor and helps reduce any potential stress related to a mere paper good.

(customize and download from The Wedding Chicks)

Anyway, I think these Mad Men themed save-the-dates are a clever design. We're not having quite such a strong theme in ours but props to this couple for coming up with something cool and then sharing it with the Internets.


Miss C said...

I just came across these yesterday. Cute :)

Liz said...

i love me some retro.

even if the initials ARE cause for alarm.

Angie said...

Very cute! Loving the Typeface. Even if a Mad Men theme isn't something you're going for, the design is very clean and simple so that would translate well into any wedding. Or you could just white out the bride's name, location and date and put you're info down! But that would be stealing... bad idear.

Mrs T said...

I am OBSESSED with Mad Men. These are killer!

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