Prosecco bar

I've been skipping over most of the posts on the B-list conference in DC on the various wedding blogs that attended, I think it's essentially a networking event for wedding bloggers/vendors. Merci New York's post caught my eye, though, because as she said, "Some tips and tricks from the B List party that can easily fold into your wedding day details. After all, it must be pretty intense to plan a party for wedding vendors and bloggers and still showcase some fresh ideas."

(a prosecco bar)
Each station showcased a different prosecco-based cocktail - this one included a pretty fresh herb display. Guests hand picked the herbs and added them to their bubbly. It was such a fresh presentation and would be a perfect accent to a summer wedding.

[Another prosecco] station lured guests with a new prosecco and a splash of their favorite fresh fruit juices or nectar.
I'm going to email this idea to our caterer, as she told me one of her favorite parts of the job is coming up with signature cocktails for wedding receptions. Also, Wikipedia says that prosecco is becoming a popular inexpensive substitute for champagne, and we'd talked with her about even just doing fresh strawberry slices in champage flutes (except for Dan's, of course).


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You are a smart woman. Thanks for the tip!

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