We moved! (again!)

Ah wedding blog world, I've missed you! My 'to blog' list is quite full and I will try to clear it out slowly as I also catch up on comments with all y'all's posts. I love our new place but once all the essentials were unpacked I hit a wall on working on the apartment. Hopefully the couch we're buying off of craigslist will make it in this weekend so I can then do some furniture rearranging and gather energy to tackle it a bit more after my trip to Philly/Lancaster this weekend and before my trip out to California the following week.

To ease into it a bit, here's a champagne recommendation for Canals & Nubiola I found from Nothing But Bonfires as I read through her archives when I wanted to procrastinate from packing.

at the time of the review, it was under $10. Right now it's at $12.99 on BevMo.


Angie said...

AH! You're back!!! :)

Congrats on the move! (And cleaning up your blog reader. Ew.)

Lisa said...

good luck with the move. its always an event and a half :)

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