Home Depot Wedding

Via DIY Life, a wedding in the garden section of the Home Depot that the couple both work at. Full article here.

(I don't mean to only focus on the bride/bride with her father, but the slideshow didn't have any particularly photos of just the couple in a setting that looked particularly Home Depot-y)

Some highlights:
  • this couple is apparently the second couple to ever get married at a Home Depot. The first set were in Alaska.
  • the boutonni√®res were orange flowers, I'm guessing since Home Depot's logo is orange
  • "Shoppers in the store were pleasantly surprised at the site of a bride walking down the store's aisles. After seating for invited guests filled up, customers were able to stand in the garden section to watch the wedding ceremony. Some even peaked through branches of potted plants and trees." ...meaning they had this wedding during regular business hours for Home Depot!
  • They are awesome, obviously. My heart will be broken if this was just done as a reality TV stunt or something, though (based on what I've seen lately of reality TV, it could happen)


Anonymous said...

I saw that! I thought it was so cool that they did that! And then I went back and forth for a while, and then I landed on cool again!

Angie said...

I absolutely love this! Have you seen the couple that got married in the NYC Apple Store? Apparently the bride blogged from the store in secret for a very long time, so they decided to get married there. Their officiate even read vows from an iPhone.

I truly love this kind of stuff. :) Thanks for sharing!

Miss C said...

She looks beautiful! A wedding at Home Depot and all I can see is the beautiful bride :)

Mrs T said...

I so love this. I totally wanted to get married in Ikea (I LOVE Ikea) but they were totally not up for it. Think of all the free publicity they would have gotten!

Lisa said...

god that woman looks beautiful! I would have loved if on the way out she picked up a can of paint or nails or something too :)

Mrs T said...

LOVED your idea for anniversary/guest book over on my blog. Thanks for the idea! You're a super star.

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