Friends, I have arrived as a wedding blogger: I received my first targeted email today! Kayli at Wishpot emailed me (well, addressed to 'A Jersey Hootenanny Wedding', anyway) to let me know that she loved this blog and would like to invite me to become a 'wedding expert' on their site...which basically sounds to me exactly like creating a registry there so they can sell advertising to target the engaged, but what do I know.

I probably shouldn't be so snarky, as Kayli probably sends out tons of these emails a day and it's probably a pretty boring job, and I was slightly excited to see it. And I've heard of Wishpot before so they're not scammy, I think. Amazon.com seems to have a decent Universal Wish List feature though so maybe we'll use that instead.

And now, for at least a little bit of pretty, here's a relatively simple (though possibly time-consuming) way to dress up the chairs for the ceremony using colored ribbons:

Hmm, I thought I had saved and posted another back-of-the-chair decoration that was just a long strip of fabric tied into a big bow, but I don't seem to have it in the archives. I think I like these straight lines better, though, as they're not overly girly.


Mrs T said...

I think that's kind of cool to be asked to do something like that. No one has every asked me..... You are popular!!!

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