Watermelon tap.

I don't care what the negative comments say, this project is made of WIN. If I had to make a list of limited (the horror! I love food!) foods I had to eat for the rest of my life, watermelon would definitely be near the top of that list.

instructions at evite

During senior year, we made a vodka watermelon with watermelon-flavored vodka. Our enthusiasm for the idea of the project outweighed our enthusiasm for the result by far, but this project seems to have a high likelihood for success.

As with all projects that would need to be made very close in time to the event, though, this probably needs to be farmed out to someone. Hmm, maybe my dad would be up for it...I can't decide if he thinks this would be an interesting enough challenge to go at it or if it would go on the long list of 'bonkers things my family has asked me to do.'


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Angie said...

First thing out of my mouth- a very high-pitched, 'WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!' Josh and I were JUST talking today about summer cookout fruits and how we can use them. I've never been successful at the vodka watermelon. And a tap, well... the tap is just... epic.

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