Cupcakes in teacups

Every couple of days I waver on whether I should keep Style Me Pretty in my Google Reader, because sometimes it makes me feel like I'm overdosing on unattainable imagery, especially since they feature a lot of photo shoots and not just real weddings. Then, they will go ahead and post something like these cupcakes in teacups:

(photos by Red Bliss)


Angie said...

Oh, goodness. I can only take those blogs in small doses. They were ALL I looked at in the first four months I was engaged and it makes me CRAY-CRAY! I seriously felt like I had to get twenty antique typewriters, ten brownie cameras, and had to hand-make six birdcage veils for me and my bridesmaids. That's CRAY-CRAY! And now, I've found a much better blog community that generates ideas, promotes creativity, and supports any and all bridal budgets.

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