Tree branch arbor

We'll have to visit the Mountain Lakes House again to figure out how we'd want the outdoor version of the ceremony to be set up on the lawn. There may be  a large tree that we could center it around, but I also like this tree branch arbor made from found wood:

The texture allows it to be dressed very simply with just some light fabric.

We wouldn't have a chuppah since we aren't Jewish, but I do like the birch poles:

On the other hand, when we visited Prallsville Mills, Brillman's Rental Barn showed us a book of sample setups of the venue. There was one photo of a pair of bright blue vintage doors that Sue said the couple's florist had hooked them up that I also quite liked for the color and the offbeat-ness.


Mrs T said...

Whoa you've gone post crazy! Birch trees are so pretty. Love Jewish chuppah's too.

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