Red-orange-yellow color scheme

I want to wear a red dress and do you know, it's actually rather difficult to come up with a color scheme around red beyond red and white? I tried looking around at the various objects in the Chinese supermarket when we were there this past weekend to get food for Chinese New Year but the thing is, modern Chinese culture seems to have an affinity for rather garish looking colors thrown all together.

However! We were watching the Olympics and the Chinese team has some rather nice looking warmup suits. After much Googling, I found out that their team apparel is made by Anta. My level of Chinese is barely sufficient to navigate the website, but I did manage to find a promotional poster of the Olympians here and then used my mad Photoshop skillz to pull out the colors above. Thoughts? Maybe the proportion of orange and red should be switched, so that the loud red is just used sparingly.

Dan's first reaction was that it looked really Asian and would therefore come off as yet another, ah yes, this event was entirely planned and executed by the bride kind of look. So we tried compromising by throwing in some blue, since Dan is a bit Swedish (and a bit of various other western European ethnicities), which is yellow and blue. I didn't like the look of the darker blue and so I lightened it, but Dan thought that looked silly. The only color scheme he has any preference for is American red/white/blue, but my reluctance to American patriotism aside, I'm not a fan.

Some relevant floral arrangements I've found:

a fall wedding (in Middletown NJ, actually) from SMP


red poppies (smp)

Maybe for flowers we'll just get red and yellow poppies or tulips, in line with the advice on just choosing one flower if you're doing your own flowers.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a GREAT color scheme! I love the finds you have to go along with it! Gonna be beautiful!

myka said...

our daughter wore a ruby red Maggie Sottero dress 'Firoenza' (check it out online) for her wedding. It was brilliant! she accompanied the red with black bridesmaid dresses, white and red flower girl dresses, black tuxes w red ties and white decor thru out.. and of course, red roses. Guest were asked to where formal dark colors. Against a brilliant blue October sun the scene was fabulous. totally unique. gool luck with your plans!

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