Dream Vendor: Saipua

Saipua is based in Brooklyn so they're nearby, but probably not feasible because what with Dan's allergies and all, flowers probably aren't going to rank too high on our list of things to plunk down money for.

If I were rich and marrying someone without pollen allergies (or marrying someone who is both rich and pollen allergy-free) I'd book Saipua in a heartbeat, though. Sarah's arrangements are always so...organic looking. Normally I think using 'organic' as a descriptor is pretty meaningless but I can't think of another word.

Maybe they'd be willing to do just a bouquet and I'll have the photographer and/or Amy takes tons of pictures of it. I don't know about the whole bouquet thing overall, right now it gives me a vague sense of touching on the whole purity thing again.

I also hope she starts up the 'weeder's digest' column in DesignSponge. Her post on DIY wedding flowers here, summed up as 1, keep it simple, and 2, choose one flower.


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