Planning consultations by phone

I know I've got Mama G to rely on, but I imagine that this could be a pretty useful service (emphasis mine).
Some of my particular perspective on weddings comes from having spent a chunk of my early professional life planning very large events. It's why I'm over gift bags, for example. Tons of work, tons of stuff, and 90% gets thrown out. Ugh. But, because I planned events for a living, I think that part of the stress around weddings is that event throwing is an actual skill, and when your asked to do it with no staff and no experience, it's a little effing stressful.
Well, into this void walks Silver Charm Events new Charmed Circle. Liz, the planner behind it all, is offering consultation phone calls (*affordable* consultation phone calls) to help you hammer out details, and answer your questions... like, where can I get an affordable venue in LA? And, I'm buying my own wine, about how many bottles should I buy? And, and, and. All the little things you want to ask someone but don't know who to ask? Liz! Consultations start at $25, and with a price like that, how can you go wrong?
On the other hand, I did find three NJ and one CT bridal magazines at a Hudson News in Penn Station. I guess us Jerseyans just need extra handholding.


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