The First Post is the Deepest...

I think Dan and I actually both do not like that song.

In any case, in brief, here are the aims, in no particular order:
  • reject any traditions that offend my feminist ideals (I ain't no object to be passed from one man to another, thanks very much!)
  • not spend a ridiculous amount of money
  • round up close but far-flung friends to spend time with them
  • have an above life-average amount of fun in the preparation and execution 
  • and a below life-average amount of stress and fighting
  • reflect us as individuals and as a couple and not what other people think and/or want
  • all while not permanently offending or being a source of snide remarks from extended family for the rest of our lives.
I'll add more as I think of them.


Cupcake Wedding said...

Just discovered your blog. LOVE. I will be a regular reader from here on out.

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