Hypoallergenic Flowers

Via Molly: paper flowers! Paper Source has a ton of kits but they aren't very user friendly. Molly sent me the following 2-D alternative:

(By David Stark)

This brilliant idea spawned a search with the following results:

(very doable paper flower tutorial from dozi)

(not martha's MS pom pom as centerpiece, lit from inside with little LED lights)

(more tissue paper flowers from not martha)

Apparently the Martha Stewart pom poms can be mostly assembled and stored flat and just fluffed up when needed, so this is almost a definite project that will be happening. [edit] Another tutorial on these same MS pom poms from Nothing But Bonfires.

I also found these excellent alternative bouquets:

(vintage button and felt bouquet from Princess Lasertron)
(she sells kits in her etsy shop)

(another button bouquet from Lil Fish Studios)


Rachel said...

I carried flowers made from one of the kits from Paper Source, they turned out cute and I still have them.

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