Thank You photo

This idea suggested to me by Abby, whose mom saw it at a recent wedding. The couple has photo taken of them holding up signs that say "Thank You" and then uses that photo to print up custom thank you cards.
(image found on flickr)

Cute, right? We would do this with more handmade/crafty-looking signs. Of course, it would only work for thank you cards sent out post-wedding, but if we get gifts early it's probably better if we send out cards for those early on. I'm not a real big thank-you card kind of person but I recognize it as a reasonable custom. And it is nice to receive thank-you cards.

Also, apparently you can get 100 free postcards + $15 shipping from VistaPrint for postcard save-the-dates and such. Dan has already put a kibosh on those magnet save-the-dates since they're something like $1-$2 per magnet, plus the cost of postage.

There are some cute and crafty save-the-date ideas out there (here: photo of fridge, book stack with circled numbers) but I think save-the-dates in general fall under "projects I should only take on if I find myself with a lot of free time and extra inspiration." Once we reserve the date, I'll post about it here and hopefully a mass email or two will take care of the younger folk and phone calls will suffice for the rest of the fam.

Yes, of course I like letterpress and lovely paper goods and yes, some people may find a reminder that they can post on their fridge to be helpful, but with limited resources I think this is something I don't care about all that much. Maybe I'll design one in Photoshop that people can print out if they want something to stick on their fridge :)


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