Red/golden yellow/light blue color palette

First, Style Me Pretty came out with this neat color palette tool to show suggest colors often seen together with your selected color and the pulls out images with the selected color. Will be useful in gathering photos of the desired colors in action.

I do want to make an inspiration board at some point to keep the visual things cohesive (you know, beyond just 'these are things I like') but don't really have access to a large pile of magazines to be able to clip out physical images. I could make a digital image collage, of course, but I think I would like to be able to arrange them in a physical form. Oh I know, Abby has said she subscribes to a ton of magazines so maybe I'll ask her to keep some for me and we can have an inspiration board creating party some time.

Second, after I posted about the difficulty of a color scheme around red, Amy sent me a few ideas and we ended with this red-golden yellow (not sure of the name of this color? also I tweaked it to be more yellow)-light blue combo which Dan actually quite likes. The lightness of the blue balances out the saturated red and gold-yellow, per Amy's suggestion--left to my own devices I would just have tons of loud colors so it's good to have the balance.
I think what's also nice about this is that the various pairings of the three colors also look quite nice together, so it won't be necessary to have all three together at once, but can be used to differentiate things. For example, maybe red/yellow decorations on chairs for my side and yellow/blue for Dan's side, if we decide to have sides. For those reading in an RSS feeder, I've changed the background to be stripes of this combo to see how I like living with it for a bit.


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