Quick note on ordering custom postcards online

I just ordered our save-the-date postcards from Overnight Prints to arrive by next Friday for just under $20. I went with them over VistaPrint because OP's interface is friendlier and gives you more space for your design on a 4x6" postcard. They have about equivalent review ratings. VP was a bit less hassle to figure out the cheapest price I could get 50-100 postcards printed with them, as they have just a free postcards offer going on, but their shipping is pretty outrageous.

OP, on the other hand, had quite a few different promo codes/links that I could enter in, which changed the final amount by a few dollars here and there. So, word of advice: mess around with the promo codes if you're going to buy from one of these online companies. Note down any that you see in the AdWords ads on Google search results too, because I could've sworn I saw one that said 100 free postcards, but then I couldn't find that code again.

I will report back with my thoughts on the quality of their printing (I chose the "value" digital press since we could get a run of just 50 instead of 100 that way) and the final final design once they arrive and get sent out.


Love Your Way said...

thanks for the update...i've been scared to use vistaprint for some reason...did you look at uprinting at all?

Anonymous said...

We used Overnight Prints too for the EXACT SAME REASONS. Vistaprint was really confusing me, and I just wanted to upload a postcard shaped design and be done with it. We got 100 in the "better" printing and 50 in the "value" printing, and honestly, the difference is only noticeable if you stare at them long and hard. You know, like when addressing. We also saved 30% by searching for promo codes. We're birds of a feather, you and I.

KWu said...

@Lizzie: yeah I know what you mean, VP does just seem a bit more intimidating. I didn't look at UPrinting but I did look at a few other sites that seemed to almost have identical upload mechanisms, so I wonder if in the end they're just different storefronts and it all gets sent to the same printing factory place?

@Robin: yes! I am looking forward to a similar stream of questions as you posted about when we get to addressing them ourselves. Thanks for assuring me that value vs. premium doesn't make too much of a difference, I was tempted to order some of both to check.

Lisa said...

keep us posted! can't wait to see them!!!

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