Contenders for the ring

In the category of things that I probably don't need to worry about for another couple months but I'm researching anyway because it's fun, my current frontrunner for my wedding band is this Mobius Loop ring from greenKarat:
(I'd get it without the diamonds)

As I've posted previously, I seem to like rings that are mostly unfussy but with some kind of twist that symbolizes something about marriage. This Mobius loop ring fits in well with that, with its one surface, and it's the first ring that I think fulfills both the "interesting enough to wear on its own" and "goes well with the engagement ring" (I haven't decided if I'll want to wear both after the wedding). I don't think I've posted a photo of my engagement ring before? It's also from greenKarat, with all lab-created sapphires (yup, even the white one in the center):

There's a funny part to our "engagement story" in that it took ages for greenKarat to make and ship the ring, and then when Dan went to pick it up, it was in a recycled cardboard box with recycled paper stuffing. He spent some time that afternoon running around trying to find a jewelry store that would sell him just a regular ring box, but was unsuccessful.

Here's another ring from Etsy that I'd favorited awhile back:

I really appreciate when you can see the ring on an actual finger/hand, because here this makes me think it wouldn't go all that well with the engagement's not sturdy looking enough?

I've also been in contact with the folks at bario-neal, because I'd like to support an APW vendor whenever I can. They had a nice survey to fill out if you were interested in a custom design, and I sent them a link to my engagement ring and they suggested the following designs:

I still like the Mobius loop ring better than these options, but the Milla Shoulder Band might work as Dan's band. He lost the engagement ring I got him, helped in part by the fact that its rough edges irritated his skin, so I think for his wedding band, we should stick to something simple and comfortable. I think it'd be nice to have it engraved or have some minimal design etched in it, to echo the loop, perhaps?

Incidentally, one of my favorite fashion bloggers put up a post recently about how she's changed her designated wedding band throughout the years, which isn't something I'd considered at all, but it's interesting.


Love Your Way said...

i have to tell you, i LOVE that crescent ring...good luck on the hunt...i agree the first one you shared doesn't look like it would match as well and if someone doesn't post a photo of the ring on the finger, don't spend, yo! i've been tricked before!

Lisa said...

I love the mobius and the crescent ring. I love the funkier more unique shapes of them. best of luck deciding!

Jen said...

oh, yes! all about the mobius ring! If I had a ring do over...that's what I'd do, i think

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