Gorgeous (but tiny) vintage red party dress

In the Sally Jane Vintage shop, currently listed at $66:

Isn't it beautiful? This is so close to what I have in mind: classic silhouette, mostly plain red but with some texture/subtle pattern, princess seams down the front bodice...the only thing is I probably want a deeper neckline and shorter sleeves for the hot summer weather, but I'd scoop up this dress if I could. However, I could only have fit into this dress if I were the size I was...in middle school, maybe. 24" waist, 32" bust. Damn you, beautiful tiny vintage dresses, always with the breaking my heart!

I have a long list of dress-related bits that I need to post, but no, I haven't gotten started on making the actual (or muslin for the) dress just yet. Soon!


Abby said...

This is made for very stylish pixies and children. Sigh.

Love Your Way said...

i USUALLY get disappointed looking at vintage dresses..but they're awesome for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You know, I've noticed a lot of teeeeeny vintage dresses online too, which is strange because I used to LOVE wearing vintage when I was bigger (and lived down the street from an inexpensive/awesome vintage shop) because I found they were flattering. Maybe Hey Betty in Pittsburgh was siphoning of all the size ten vintage dresses in creation.

Vanessa said...

Ha, what is it about those tiny women of yore? They could fit the smallest nipped waist and the teenist arm holes! It is lovely and great for inspiration! I do hope you find the dress you're looking for because the way you've described it makes me think that it will be perfect!

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