Kate's Lazy Meadow suites and airstream trailers

A couple weeks ago, Dan buckled down and started booking hotel nights for us with his Marriott rewards points, and I've started to bookmark blog posts that mention Seattle or Vancouver (like this one for Seattle by Nothing But Bonfire readers or this recent visit to Vancouver). Maybe if we wanted to do a weekend summer getaway next year, though, these suites/airstream trailers in the Catskills (an area northwest of NYC and southwest of Albany, evidently) sound awesome. Via the haystack needle, several months ago :P

Airstream trailer

Airstream trailer, interior

Cabins have funky and fun decorations.

I suppose they probably do a check in as you check out to make sure you haven't squirreled away any of the furniture.


Love Your Way said...

those are some awesome finds! what a rad place to take a honeymoon!

Ms. Bunny said...

I would love to stay in one of those airstream trailers. So amazing.

Lisa said...

what?!? this is amazing! so cool

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