Apparently, yes!

Today's XKCD comic:

alt text: "I'm as surprised as you!"

Also, I went to the Yay New York party last night by myself, and even got interviewed for a documentary being made about the event, which was a bit scary and awkward. However as always the APW community comes through and I got adopted by a group of three couples (one of which lives in Hoboken too!), all really cool and nice people that were easy to talk to and find things in common with, so that worked out pretty well. We even exchanged contact info on our various smartphones and I hope we hang out more, perhaps at the next APW book club.

I met Mark of Leah and Mark, who was really warm and fun and actually remembered me and was so gracious about how we didn't end up booking them. The photobooth he ran included a prop from the photobooth at our own wedding, this yellow picture frame that I'd given to Kari of The Handmade Event, which thrilled me quite a bit inside.

I am so close to getting all the thank you cards done, so with Hurricane Irena urging everyone to evacuate Hoboken this weekend, I think I'm going to go to my parents' and hopefully just finish them once and for all so that I can then also write up the reviews I owe to my awesome vendors and then for real resume wedding blogging so I can finish it off and start another blog on style & crafts. Oh and figure out a wedding album to order from Kelly, along with framing the wedding tree poster and deciding what prints we might want to hang up, and then finishing off the guestbook/scrapbook with more photos from wedding guests and honeymoon photos. Whew.


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