Color scheme designer tool

If you're stuck on picking colors, here's a neat color scheme designer tool, via Creature Comforts.

I actually now have paint chips that I'm using as references. My sister helped me pick them out to match some fabric scraps I kept from when I interned with Mod Green Pod several summers ago. They're lovely, wonderful people. I am still hoarding the fabric and wallpaper they gifted me when I finished my internship because I love the colors and modern designs so much.

Cherry/stilton Butterfly Jubilee (photo is a bit dark)

Honey/raspberry Butterfly Jubilee (just the honey color)

The paint chips we picked out were Valspar High Noon, Valspar Caramel Honey, and Olympic Rum Runner, which look like this all together:

I imagine the actual colors that come together will be a bit brighter in effect overall, since that's what I gravitate towards, but I really like these colors all together. It's not too different from that palette Amy sent over to me. That dusky blue color is really hard to find, though.


Anonymous said...

GREAT color scheme!

Lisa said...

i agree! great colors! blue and red are one of my favorite combos

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