An excellent reaction to the invitation

Subject: Just thought I'd mention
that I like your invitations so much, with the double happiness symbol tied to the front, that I'm trying my hardest not to disturb the original design. This means, effectively, that I can't open it all the way. I have to sort of move the thread around when I want to read the text. I am perhaps doomed never to see the directional maps you included on the inside; can I call if I get lost?
I've been loving the positive responses we've been getting in response to the invitations (the negative ones I haven't heard directly and so can't form an opinion on those, of course) and just wanted to share this recent one. It's from one of our high school friends who I didn't even really think of as one to notice wedding-related aesthetic details. Yay!


Ms. Bunny said...

That's so cute.

Love Your Way said...

that's awesome!! what a GREAT response. gah. hug that person immediately and get her another copy via email, for f*cks sake, she won't find the wedding to geek out over that otherwise!

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