Highlights from conversations with my parents tonight

Me: So, do you want to invite any of your friends?
Mom: No. Too much hassle*.

Me: So, do you want to invite any of your friends?
Dad: No. Too much hassle*.
Me: What about your friend _____ that Mom mentioned?
Dad: Give me the date and I'll call her and see if she and her husband can come. If they can't then there's no point in inviting them.
Me: That doesn't make any sense, that's what RSVPing is for!
Dad: By the way, I can't guarantee anyone except for myself, your uncles like to make last minute changes often.

Mom: Oh yeah, that's the Chinese way of doing things. The invitation itself is just a formality.

*Just to be clear, I think the desire to avoid hassle bit of these conversations is more our family's general introverted/anti-social tendency rather than general Chinese culture.


Angie said...

this reminds me of my grandparents and my family's tendency to be secretive and weird about these sort of things. i'm not inviting any extended family (except a handful of cousins) and she asked me to keep my wedding a secret from our relatives. i wasn't sure how she expected me to do this, though. haha!

Mrs T said...

I guess at least they don't want to invite an extra eight people!

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