Lattice pocket pie mold

How adorable is this pie mold from Williams-Sonoma?

Definitely one of those unitaskers Alton Brown rails against ($9.95)

Brought to my attention by Jenny of ljcfyi

To give you an idea of the scale.

She also made some savory pies: swiss cheese, goat cheese, and mushroom.

I wonder if you could make a whole bunch and freeze them? They'd be much easier to store than regular size pies and therefore could help achieve the pie theme more easily. And (here goes the rationalizing) if they do freeze well, Dan could have homemade pie lunches/dinners instead of getting frozen chicken pot pies from Trader Joe's and such. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

YUM! Pie! Why would Alton Brown rail against them? My only concern as a pie-maker is that the pinching from the mold could break down the fat too much and make the edges of the crust too dense. But you know, if I were trying to make enough mini-pies to feed a wedding, I would be way past the point of caring about the flaky perfection of my crusts. These would be easy, pretty, and still DELICIOUS PIE.

Lisa said...

as if I really need a hand hold pie! That will make me eat more of them :)

i love it so....

KWu said...

@Robin, more that Alton Brown always says the only unitasker you should have in your kitchen is a fire extinguisher, where unitasker = some gadget that does only one thing. I admire your piemaking skills that evidently can consistently achieve flakiness on a regular basis. I am unfortunately not there yet.

Angie said...

oooohhhhhhhhhh! cute and yummy! :)

Mrs T said...

Um whose super cute pug is that in the background? So cute!

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