Food ideas

I've been a bit distressed about the cost of feeding so many people, but just wanted to dump some of the ideas floating around in my head right now:
  • Have a morning/early afternoon wedding and serve brunch + mimosas (A Practical Wedding on her morning wedding)
  • Have it be a potluck: we make a bulk main course, like lasagna, locals bring appetizers/pies, out-of-towners bring drinks (2000 Dollar Wedding on potlucks)
  • Jersey shore diner theme (more breakfast for dinner)
  • Make your own pizzas/rent a pizza truck--The Google smiled upon me today and I found two pizzerias that cater with trucks!
    • Nomad Pizza (local, organic, seasonal ingredients--hooray!)
    • Jiannetto's Pizza (catering info not directly on website but I found this Time Out article on alternative catering for weddings, which also lists a beef burger truck, a waffle truck, and an ice cream truck!)
  • Shake Shack (I actually emailed them on Friday...and I bet I'm not the first)


    Caitlin said...

    I've always thought more events should involve brunch. It is classy, tasty, and provides a good reason to drink orange juice or milk with your meal, which I find is generally frowned upon at dinner.

    Mrs T said...

    Love the pizza truck idea! Gold.

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